April 23, 2016

GemSeal Rapid Set Sealer Additive

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GemSeal Rapid Set is a polymer modified additive for use in both refined tar and asphalt emulsions pavement sealers. Rapid Set reduces dry time, improves sealer adhesion and increases durability.  Rapid Set greatly increases tensile strength and durability, substantially reduces drying time and power steering marks in the finished coating.


*Superior performance modifier for refined tar and asphalt based sealers
*Sealer dries blacker with improved strength and durability
*Greatly reduces curing time of applied sealer dependent on percentage used


GemSeal Rapid Set Technical Data

GemSeal Rapid Set Safety Data Sheet


GemSeal Ultra 3 is an additive that substantially improves adhesion and durability of refined tar emulsion sealants.  Ultra 3 is an excellent latex additive that increases viscocity and suspends sand during application.

GemSeal Ultra 3 Sealer Additive


*Resists high pavement temperatures
*Increases viscosity, improves adhesion and reduces power steering marks
*Ultra should be used in all formulations containing sand to prevent aggregate rollout and increases life of film.
*Ultra latex additive is milky blue latex containing proprietary surfactants and modifiers with a minimum solids content of 40%.


GemSeal Ultra 3 Technical Data

GemSeal Ultra 3 Safety Data Sheet


TarPrime Oil Spot Primer is a formulation of acrylic polymers that allows the pavement coatings to bond effectively and dry quickly. A unique ready to use, job-proven primer.  Prevents oil and grease spots from “bleeding” through fresh blacktop sealer.

Used for priming difficult-to-seal pavement surfaces such as:GemSeal Tar Prime Oil Spot Primer


*Oil spots
*Weathered asphalt
*Polished aggregates


GemSeal TarPrime Technical Data

GemSeal TarPrime Safety Data Sheet


Hot Appled Crack SealantCrackFlex Pro-S is a hot pour crack and joint sealant formulated with select asphalt resins, synthetic polymeric rubber and plasticizers for use under extreme conditions.  Designed specifically for asphalt and concrete pavements experiencing a high degree of pedestrian foot traffic and vehicle traffic. Exceptional bonding qualities and maximum flexibility. May be used in either oil-jacketed or directfire melters.
*Will not track or pickup
*Rapid melting, quick pour formula
*Exceptional product for high temperature conditions
*Resists scuffing from power steering marks
*Excellent adhesion, maximum flexibility
*Designed for both asphalt and concrete pavements
*Foot traffic friendly
*Quick setup
*Seals cracks & joints from water penetration
*Recommended for cracks and joints in parking lots and city streets
*Passes multiple freeze thaw cycles
*Designed for oil-jacketed or direct fire melters


GemSeal CrackFlex Pro-S Brochure

GemSeal CrackFlex Pro-S Application Specs

GemSeal CrackFlex Pro-S Technical Data

GemSeal CrackFlex Pro-S Safety Data Sheet


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