April 23, 2016

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Billy Goat Force II Blowers

Unmatched blowing power with the lightest weight of any leading blower. The Force Blowers weighs up to 17 lbs less than comparable powered steel blowers and is still the quietest wheel blower.



Available Motors:

Force II Subaru 6 hp
Force II Honda GX 9 hp

Force II Subaru 9 hp
Force II Honda GX 13 hp
Briggs & Stratton 18 hp


Little Wonder OptimaxLittle Wonder Optimax

High output, high performance line of blowers. Optimax blowers feature patented adjustable air deflectors, ergonomic handles, computer designed impellers, aerodynamic inlet, and easy to change airflow direction.Little Wonder Honda Blower for Parking Lots


Available Motors:
Subaru Optimax 14 hp
Honda Optimax 13 hp
Subaru Optimax 9 hp
Honda Optimax 9 hp
Power Brushes for Sealer

Power Brushes – 24”, 36” and 48” lengths. Heavy-duty synthetic fiber designed for professional use. Heavy-duty push/pull 6 1/2” bracket. 6’ heavy-duty wooden handles with metal brackets.

Squeegee for Driveway Sealer



Squeegee Complete Assembly – Features 82” yellow aluminum handle with 3” round, non-tapered edges.


V Shaped Squeegee – Reversible push/pull style. Squeegee comes with 550 degree silicone blade and handle.

V-Tool for Crack Filling Driveways



MA-10 Melter Applicator
The fastest and most efficient method for melting and applying hot applied crack sealants. Mounted on steel wheels. Equipped with spring-loaded, hand controlled release valve, and a steel screed for striking off sealant in uniform width. Easy to maneuver for following random cracks. Faster than hand held pour pots.MA10 Hot Tar Melter





Ceramic Spray Tips
Ceramic spray tips last up to 10 times longer than conventional steel spray tips. Ceramic tips are available in 3/8” NPT threads and other replaceable inserts.

80/40 (complete tip)  80/40 (tip refill)Ceramic Spray Tip for Sealer
80/50 (complete tip) 80/ 50 (tip refill)
80/70 (complete tip) 80/70 (tip refill)


Hardened Steel Spray Tips
For use with asphalt emulsions or refined tar sealers. Tips produce an 80 degree fan at 40psi of hose pressure. Available in 1/4” and 3/8” thread sizes.

1/4″ NPT Thread Tops : 80/20 – 80/30 – 80/40 – 80/50 – 80/70

Steel Spray Tip for Asphalt Sealer




3/8″ NPT Thread Tops : 80/40 – 80/50 – 80/70 – 80/100


Hose Reels
Manual, electronic or spring drive hose reels. 100’ capacity.

Manual Reel
Electric Reel
Spring Drive ReelHose Reel for Sealer



Spray Hose
Heavy duty spray hose. Cut to length. 250 psi.

Spray Hose for Parking Lot Sealer



Spray Wand
Light-weight aluminum spray wands. 3/4” with brass ball-valve. 1/4” or 3/8” NPT spray tip sizing. 6’ length.

Spray Wand for Sealer Parking Lots



Stencil Kits
Made from 1/8” (Maxilast) or 1/16” Durolast polyethylene plastic. Designed around D.O.T. specifications where applicable.
• Individual stencils
• Alpha-numeric
• Full line of arrows
• Parking lot markings
*Stencils available at all locations, however some items may require special order.Parking Lot Line Striping Palmyra NY